The First Year


Melted Snowman Bark

S’MORES BARS! Gooey marshmallow, graham cracker and chocolate s’mores bars! Like rice krispies but with graham crackers. This is the ultimate s’mores treat!

S’mores Bars

Turtle Popcorn Balls

Puppy Chow Bars

Mini Pumpkin Pie Rice Krispie Treats

Melted Witch Brownies

Ghost Popcorn Balls

Turtle S’mores Bites

Hot Chocolate Cake

These fun halloween tombstone cupcakes are made with chocolate cupcakes and rice krispie treats that are made to look like tombstones!

Tombstone Cupcakes

Make these fun Pumpkin Walnut Spider Cupcakes for Halloween!

Pumpkin Walnut Spider Cupcakes

This Halloween Witch Platter is easy to make and completely edible!! Perfect for a Halloween party!

Halloween Witch Platter