Reese’s Cupcakes

chocolate peanut butter reese’s cupcakes on white tray with white background

Chocolate peanut butter swirled cake and chocolate peanut butter swirled frosting makes these the ULTIMATE Reese’s Cupcakes! Plus there’s chopped peanut butter cups in the cake batter! We know you’ll fall in love with this reese’s cupcake with reese’s frosting.

But it doesn’t stop there, garnish the cupcakes with the works!

How to garnish swirled chocolate peanut butter cupcakes

    After adding the frosting to the cupcakes, here are some ideas on how to garnish them..

  • add chopped reese’s cups
  • drizzle with chocolate sauce
  • drizzle with peanut butter sauce
  • add reese’s pieces
  • add a whole reese’s cup

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