Nectarine Vanilla Bean Scones

These fruit scones are loaded with fresh nectarines then drizzled with a vanilla bean glaze! Only 30 minutes from start to finish! Woohoo!!! Today is special for a couple of reasons. It’s August 31.. which means this is the last “summer” recipe we’re sharing. It’s full on fall, fall, FALL from here on! We have a bunch of spectacular apple recipes lined up for the next few weeks. But we’ll also be sharing general fall recipes.. think caramel corn and pie!

how to buttercream

How to make buttercream

We’re giving you another how to tutorial! If you read our previous how to bake a cake tutorial you may want some buttercream for that cake. It totally reminds me of if you give a mouse a cookie… So...

This is the best turtle cheesecake! It’s rich and so creamy. Topped with chocolate ganache, pecans and caramel sauce.

Caramel Turtle Cheesecake

I have bad news guys. The nearest Cheesecake Factory is 121 miles away from me. And that’s not a good thing when you have cheesecake on your mind. I suppose it’s drivable. 2 hours for cheesecake.. but if I’m...

A 3 layer white cake filled with chopped cherries and cherry buttercream. Topped with a drizzled chocolate ganache and fresh cherries!

Fresh Cherry Cake with Chocolate Ganache

Cherries are my best friend and nemesis. Talk about being like Katy Perry. Get it? Haha. They are my best friend when I’m just popping them in my mouth to eat and can spit out the pit. They become...

how to bake a cake

How to bake a cake

Now that I’ve overcame my fear of making layer cakes there seems to be an explosion of cake recipes on our blog. While I’ve shared detailed pictures about how to frost a layered cake, I haven’t shared a tutorial...

This pink confetti chocolate chip cake is so fun and and colorful. There are mini chocolate chips inside the cake!

Pink Confetti Chocolate Chip Cake

For the longest time I had no idea what to call this cake. It has pink buttercream, confetti sprinkles, and pretty sweet chocolate decorations on top. And that’s all just on the outside of the cake. The inside of...

out of the kitchen 2015_2

Out of the Kitchen July and August 2015

July was so busy that I forgot all about sharing our monthly out of the kitchen post! Now that it’s mid-August (where does the time go?!) I’m going to do our first ever combo post – here’s what we’ve...