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Our backyard faces a forest, which is protected by the city. We had a huge tree fall down into a yard, and thankfully it missed our deck, just barely! We had some awesome friends come help us chainsaw the tree. And by us my mean the men did the work while us women we were inside with our friends new baby! The second photo – Salsa is my favorite subject to use the iphone portrait mode on, LOL!

We worked on our front weed garden and turned it into nice looking landscape! Dug out all the dirt, only to later realize that we could have reused the dirt. Oh well, first time landscapers here! The second photo is the after!

After one of the long days working on the weed garden, we got mexican from a local place. And we ordered a ridiculous amount salsa, guac & chips! The second photo – if you look reeeeally closely, you’ll see Ryan’s legs sticking out of the window. This is not photoshopped. He climbed out of the bathroom window and onto the roof to inspect some shingles because we noticed shingles have been flying off the roof… but when he went to go back inside the house, he went head first, leaving his legs flailing behind. It was so funny to watch!

I tried a face mask for the first time and I really like it! I’ll be on the lookout for more charcoal ones. It’s the best when you can find them on clearance at Target or Walmart. The second photo – one day Salsa was sitting under my desk chair while I was working. Precious ????

I tried and reviewed bras from Third Love – which is a online company that specializes in bras, but unforunately I was really disappointed. They were uncomfortable and definitely didn’t live up to their hype. The second photo – but I found some really pretty faux tulips from Amazon! All the plants in my house are fake.

I sorted the pink marshmallows from 4 bags of colored marshmallows for this super cute watermelon marshmallow slice recipe. It was totally worth it!! The second photo – even food blogger burn white chocolate ????

Every time I change my felt sign Salsa is so curious, he loves to try and scratch the board and bite the letters. So I make him sit in my lap while I change the letters. It’s pretty much the only time I can get him to do something I want! The second photo – I started eating eggs for breakfast!!! This is a big deal as I used to not care for them. So it’s been really fun to make “fancy” breakfast on the weekends!

I found these 2 chairs and this coffee table at a garage sale for $40 – for all 3 items!! I originally thought I was only going to buy one chair but I couldn’t decide which one I liked best, so I got a deal for buying them both! We are always looking for furniture to fill our empty house.

Ryan surprised me with flowers one weekend! Flowers are one of my love languages! The second photo – loading up on wood for my surprise project that I’ll be sharing on the blog soon!


Well… I’m a little late getting May’s out of the kitchen post up.

It really bothers me when I don’t have the post up within the first few days of the following month. And then it gets later and later into the new month and I think, “Should I just skip it?”

But it’s one of my favorite parts of my blog. Although, admittedly, sometimes I dread putting it together. Not sure why.. it doesn’t really take that much time, but sometimes it can be hard to reflect and put thoughts into words.

Looking back over May, it was so good! There were so many fun moments, especially with friends (hi life group!).

I started incorporating outfit photos into my instagram as a way to include more lifestyle stuff. And it’s been really fun and you guys seems to like those posts! I have yet to figure out how to incorporate it into my blog, but I’ll get there.

I started working on a secret project in May which I will be revealing on the blog soon! It’s really fun and different, so I was challenged to go beyond my comfort zone and try something new – which is my 2018 motto.

In May I shared a separate post reflecting on living in Michigan for our first year. It’s a great read full of reflection about where God brought us from to where we are now – read it here!

Keeping it short this time – overall I’m loving these summer days!

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