This is our family Easter picture! Our neighbor joined us for church on Easter and that was really nice! The second photo -working on the shiplap fireplace wall. Finally to the painting stage! I decided to go with alabaster by Sherwin-Williams.

We dog sat for a few days, but there was a double whammy.. it was extremely cold outside and we both got the flu. Ryan was about 2 days ahead of me with the flu, so right before I got really sick, I ran to the grocery store and got the flu essentials. It was awful, we were holed up in the house for 5 days straight.

Towards the end of the flu (trust me, it was the most exciting thing we saw in 5 days) a family of deer came into our backyard! The Deer Family (that’s what we call them!) roam around our neighborhood and it’s always fun to see them up close. The second photo – Salsa in his spot. Waiting for birds to land on the wreath so he can scream them away.

Again, Salsa.. because I love him! He always finds something to sit on. The second photo – a behind the scenes picture from this no bake m&m pie!

This cat wants nothing to do with us until we start doing something he’s not suppose to get into. He kept wanting to sit on the puzzle, or in the puzzle box, or biting the pieces. Doing puzzles is a new hobby Ryan and I have picked up. The second photo – I made the best baked vanilla donuts (I’ll be sharing the recipe next week!) and I had a really great photo shoot. Not every shoot is great, so it was nice to be inspired and feel in the “groove”.

Ta-da! We finished our first puzzle! It was really difficult with all those trees. But we were thankful that no pieces were missing. We bought this puzzle like 7 years ago and had tried to put it together, and then with moving a few times and everything, we’re just glad all the pieces were there after we spent weeks assembling it!

Overalls are back in style, my friends! I LOVED overalls when I was in grade school, so when I started seeing some of my favorite instagramers wearing them, I decided to be brave and buy myself a pair! And now I think I might need short overalls for the summer! The second photo – and denim on denim in back in style too!!

Finally!! Here is a shot of the finished shiplap wall! I’m still playing around with the decorations and eventually I’ll hang some more things on the wall. I’m kind of toying around with the idea of painting the tile.. it could be really pretty! The second photo – me in acton doing my thing. Cookies are still one of the hardest foods for me to photograph. But they tasted so good!

We had an awesome weekend garage sale-ing and saw Thor with friends! Being around good friends that make you laugh is the best. The second photo – we finally found a place that serves gluten free french fries in our town!!! This is a photo of one happy lady. I like to say that potatoes are one of my love languages.


Wow, April flew by. It was strangely cold all month here in Michigan so it felt like a loooong first winter here. I just pulled out my flip flops and my toes are happy to feel the sun.

Ryan and I both got the flu, so we were holed up in the house for 5 days. Before you get sick all you want to do is take a day off to watch tv and then when you get the flu, you watch so much tv that you never want to watch tv again, LOL.

I’ve been in a strange blogging funk that has been seeping into all areas of my life. I feel directionless and I’ve lost my passion for food blogging. I think part of those feelings are due to the fact that I had a really slow month, or no growth at all.

I get so easily caught up in wrapping my identity in the success of my blog. Ryan has said that if the blog is doing well, I’m doing well, and if the blog isn’t doing well, neither am I. It’s something I really need to seek the Lord about. I need to learn that these numbers don’t define me. I am defined by what He says about me.

I have the Greater One living in me. 1 John 4:4

I can do all things through Jesus Christ. Philippians 4:13

I am a doer of the Word and blessed in my actions. James 1:22,25

I am firmly rooted, built up, established in my faith and overflowing with gratitude. Colossians 2:7

I know my soul needs to be refreshed. I can feel it. I’ve been looking to worldly things to try and bring me joy, and all of them leave me feeling more critical, more hyper-aware of my “flaws”, more burnt out.

I’ve been walking with the Lord for quite some time, but I find myself getting stuck in the idea that I can fix myself. If I just find the right thing, or if I just will myself to change my attitude, it will be better. It literally just hit me as I was writing this, that I can ask Jesus to release me from these feelings. He wants more for me. He wants me to live with His joy. I just need to go to Him, and here’s the key.. believe that He will answer. That doesn’t always mean I’ll get exactly what I am asking for, but His plans are better than my plans.

I feel like I need to say that on repeat all day long.. His plans are better than my plans, His plans are better than my plans.

Lastly.. you might be seeing some changes around the blog. I feel passionate about including other topics into this little space of mine that the Lord has given me to water and take care of. I definitely have some fear and anxiety (exciting anxiety) about branching into other areas and topics, because I feel like I am stuck in the food blogging niche. But I like talking about real life.

Friend, could you be praying for me? That I wouldn’t get stuck in my fear but that I would be brave.

My prayer: Lord, help me to release my feelings to you. You have the power to transform my mind, thoughts, and feelings. Set truth in my mind, that I would be able to quickly recall who I am in You. Spread your protection over me, over my thoughts and feelings, that I may be filled with joy. Renew my spirit and my passion, remind me of why You have grown the blog into what it is today. Help me to have at the forefront of my mind that my true desire is to bring you glory.


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