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We’re back with another Out of the Kitchen post! Here’s what we’ve been up to for the month of September!

Outofthekitchen1Sept2014Ryan treated me to banana walnut rum crepes – they were SO delicious and our first time making crepes. We didn’t eat these crepes for breakfast, we ate them as a 10pm snack one Friday!  I wish we had made extras so I could have eaten more for breakfast the next day. And a behind the scenes shot of the apple and maple butter pop tarts I posted here. I made lots of apple based recipes during the month of September and we even celebrated with Apple Week on the blog. You can see those recipes here.

Outofthekitchen2Sept2014Some of you might know that I work as a nanny, meaning my days are filled with play-doh and I love it! I was practicing making play-doh roses and of course, miniature food. And Ryan showing off his deep friend oreos from the annual corn festival. Although they were full of gluten, they were so hard for me to resist! I’m pretty sure glutenous deep fried oreos would make me sick for days, but they looked amazing. Unfortunately we didn’t get any corn because they were all sold out, so we got the next best thing, kettle corn.

Outofthekitchen3Sept2014I went to our local vintage store for the first time (uh, how many years have I lived here?!), and it is amazing and HUGE! I will definitely be going back. I picked up some old cast iron skillets, a tin plate, and these beautiful vintage utensils. I’ll have to snap some more pictures the next time I go.

Outofthekitchen4Sept2014Behind the scenes! I’m hanging up a white sheet to help soften my backlight. Now that I shoot mainly with backlight and I have my porch door covered, my neighbors won’t awkwardly look at my when I am standing on my kitchen chairs hovering over my table taking pictures of food (see the first set of pictures!) And a picture from our DQ date. My go-to is the reese’s blizzard with extra reese’s. What your go-to?

Outofthekitchen5Sept2014A beautiful September sunrise. Starting my day off with some bible study and this sunrise is a good way to start any day! And a large package from OXO and The Container Store. I’m so excited for that post coming later in October! My pantry is getting a little makeover :) Also, notice the weird tan lines on my feet.. it’s from wearing my Toms all summer.

Outofthekitchen6Sept2014Hello salad! Ryan and I went to a local restaurant that people rave about. That whole plate cost $2. And an orange room. This room is a part of a new building on campus where they build computer chips and have to have everything completely dust free. They use a vacuum to suck all of the dust off of you before you enter and make you put on a full body suit and hair net. Good thing I didn’t go into engineering, sorry Dad!

Outofthekitchen8Sept2014Ryan and I at the apple orchard – Ryan’s family came for a visit in September. We had a great time taking them to the farmer’s market, the apple orchard and teaching them how to play our favorite dice game called farkel. They helped us get rid of our old swirly pastel couch, which used to be theirs back in the day. The people we gave our couch to were so excited, lucky them, it was free!  We still haven’t gotten a new couch yet, right now we’re enjoying the extra floor space since our house is so tiny.

Outofthekitchen7Sept2014Yes, I am throwing the whole pan of cinnamon rolls in the garbage. I tried my hand at coffee cinnamon rolls and they were really gross because they were dense and sooo dry. Even food bloggers have bad recipes, I think I need private lessons to learn how to make cinnamon rolls, I always seems to do something wrong. And a sneak peek/behind the scenes shot of the Candy Bar Cake. This is what you need to make with your leftover halloween candy, the recipe will be coming in October!

What was your favorite thing you did in the month of September?

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  1. This is so fun to see! I just started going to a few vintage stores as well. I have a feeling it’s going to be addicting. :)

  2. I love antique and thrift stores. The treasures you can find. It is a bummer when recipe don’t turn out the way they are dreamed to be. This is such a fun post.

  3. Love this post! I like seeing everything behind the scenes of people I already feel like I know…ha. And don’t look to me for making cinnamon rolls. My hubs is actually fantastic at baking…I will have him give you some tips :)

  4. I love seeing behind the scenes! I often have to laugh about how things look in my house when I am taking pics for my blogs.

  5. I had so much fun looking at your pictures. I LOVE this type of post ;-) Thank you so sharing a little bit of your life with us!

  6. I love seeing the little glimpse into your life and I can totally relate about the disappointment in having to throw a recipe in the trash!