Easy Christmas Toffee

This post has been updated with more tips and tons of advice! Please see our updated recipe for christmas english toffee here!

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  1. I love homemade toffee. ANd the red/green drizzle is perfect!!!

  2. I will have to look for that honey. I love to use it as a sweetener. Your toffee looks so festive.

  3. Another gorgeous recipe! Can’t wait to try this recipe, love that it contains honey. Sharing and Pinning.

  4. It definitely looks like Christmas over here! But even if it wasn’t, no one can really turn down homemade Chrismas toffee!

  5. I love the festive red and green on this amazing toffee!

  6. Love seeing what you used the honey for, Beth! This colorful toffee would be such a hit at my house!

    • I can believe it would be a hit, I had to freeze the rest of mine so I wouldn’t eat it all!!

  7. That toffee looks so easy and delicious! Would be a fun and easy Christmas candy to make with the kids – can’t wait to give it a try!

  8. What a great idea to use honey! I hear ya about the snow…I am also from the Midwest. But no major snow yet! So I am enjoying every minute of this shovel-less season thus far!

  9. I love toffee and I hate candy thermometer so I definitely need to try this!

  10. I’ve always been too scared to make toffee but this looks so lovely! Well done Beth!

  11. This toffee is beautiful, Beth!! I can even see maybe crumbling it up even further and using it to dress up a trifle dessert!! It looks scrumptious!

  12. Oh my gosh! This toffee looks fabulous!! Great post!

    • Every comment I answer about this toffee really makes me want to dig it out of the freezer!!

  13. What a beautiful snack! I love how festive this is! It would make great holiday gifts too!

  14. I think I’d just about die if it actually snowed and looked like a real Christmas where I am… I lose my circulation just walking down the freezer aisle looking at ice cream (and I won’t confess how often that happens; it’s much too embarrassing! ;) ), so I’m happy with simply clouds. Or chilly weather and clear skies. And artificial trees too. (Both of my parents are allergic!) And if I had this toffee by my side… Life would be absolutely complete. I love how cute your treats always look!! Pinned!

  15. Very nice recipe and story, thanks for participating in this shop #client

  16. Can I just say that I REALLY REALLY want to be your neighbor?! You’re always cooking up the cutest and yummiest treats! This toffee looks just amazing. My husband has been bugging me to make some. I might just have to whip up a batch of yours. Thanks for the recipe, Beth!

  17. This toffee looks amazing, Beth! I’ve never made homemade toffee before, but I know I’d love eating yours! YUM!

  18. This is the prettiest toffee mix and it sounds delicious!

  19. Toffee is a must this time of year! This version is awesome with the natural sweetness of the honey!

  20. I’ve never seen this honey! I HAVE to try it! I love cute packaging. Also this toffee — gorgeous! So festive and happy!

  21. This is the second place I’ve seen this honey with a comb today. I have to get some! That pourable container is beautiful too. Christmas really did come early at your house, Beth! This toffee looks delicious and so festive. It’s perfect for holiday goodie bags!

    • I wrapped some of this toffee up to bring home to my family for christmas, that’s my holiday goodie bag this year :)

  22. I love toffee but have never used honey in it before. Great idea! I don’t even need to do any adapting to this recipe to make it gluten-free! YAY!

  23. I love toffee!! The colors are beautiful!

  24. I can’t believe what you can do Beth! Love the Colors on top. Makes it really festive!

  25. Such pretty toffee! I’ll have to look for that honey. I love that you can get it flavored too! Pinned!

  26. Do  you ever make it with the different honey flavors? or just the plain?  I have never seen this honey before, but I am going on a hunt…… even though I have already made plenty of toffee this Christmas already :)  Love the colored drizzle!!!!

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