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I believe that everyone should have a go-to dessert to bring to parties! With hundreds of recipes, I'll help you find yours!

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  1. This is the second place I’ve seen this honey with a comb today. I have to get some! That pourable container is beautiful too. Christmas really did come early at your house, Beth! This toffee looks delicious and so festive. It’s perfect for holiday goodie bags!

    1. I wrapped some of this toffee up to bring home to my family for christmas, that’s my holiday goodie bag this year :)

  2. I love toffee but have never used honey in it before. Great idea! I don’t even need to do any adapting to this recipe to make it gluten-free! YAY!

  3. Such pretty toffee! I’ll have to look for that honey. I love that you can get it flavored too! Pinned!

  4. Do  you ever make it with the different honey flavors? or just the plain?  I have never seen this honey before, but I am going on a hunt…… even though I have already made plenty of toffee this Christmas already :)  Love the colored drizzle!!!!