Wooden Christmas Tree
There is always space for a Christmas tree.

We don’t have much floor space in our tiny house, but we have wall space!

It puts a unique twist on the classic christmas tree, and I really like it. Now I want to make one as tall as the wall. Continue reading for our 3.5-4 foot Wooden Christmas Tree Tutorial.

Wooden Dowels (found ours at Hobby Lobby, about 1/4 inch in width)
Hot glue gun
Christmas lights (I used one 100 count pack)

Cut your dowels according to the correct sizes. The text on the left side of the tree indicates how far apart each dowel is spaced.

Wooden Christmas Tree
Find the center of each dowel and place a pencil mark there. This will help you center all of the dowels, making the christmas tree shape.

Wooden Christmas Tree
Find a way to keep all of the dowels centered and spaced apart their appropriate distances, while securing the twine with hot glue. I decided to cut out cardboard “spacers” and tape them to the floor, so if my dowels moved, I could easily line them up with my spacers without having to readjust each dowel.

Wooden Christmas Tree
You will want to put something down on your carpet or table so you aren’t getting hot glue all over that while securing the twine.

Wooden Christmas Tree
I wrapped the twine around each end of the dowel to ensure that the twine would stay on.

Let the wooden tree dry, and once it’s ready, hang it on the wall with 2 nails.

Wooden Christmas Tree 9
Add the lights and whatever else you would like. I did use clear tape to secure the lights to the dowels.

Wooden Christmas Tree
May your holiday season be merry and bright!