Hi! I am Beth, the creator behind The First Year.

Head Shot 1

This is my hunky husband, Ryan.


We love being goofy together.

We also have animal hats.


Where are we from?: Minnesota. But we moved to central Illinois in August 2013 because Ryan is working on his Ph.D.

What do we do?: I nanny for some adorable kids! But when I am not doing that, I am working on my blog, cooking, and trusting God to reveal His future plans. Ryan is working on his Ph.D in chemistry, which means he makes polymers and new chemotherapy agents. He is a smart guy.

Why is your blog called ‘The First Year’?: I started blogging in August 2013, 2 months after we got married. I wanted to document and share our first year of marriage, and the name just stuck. But even after we celebrated our first anniversary, there will always be new firsts for us to experience together.. first time buying a home, first time welcoming a baby into the world, first time getting ‘real’ jobs, etc. I am really, really blessed that I get to share these experiences with my best friend.

What do you share on your blog?: Easy and delicious dinner and dessert ideas.


Fun facts about us
-Ryan loves squirrels. He would bring one home if I let him.
-I am a morning person.
-Ryan’s favorite dish I make is mostaccioli.
-I have a gluten allergy.
-Sometimes we talk in accents.
-I do not like Nutella.
-We currently have no children or pets.

I can be contacted via e-mail at thefirstyearblog@gmail.com