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The best throw pillows to buy on Amazon

The best throw pillows to buy on Amazon!

What did we do before Amazon?

We actually had to get in the car, drive to the store (or stores) to hunt down the item we were looking for! 

Because we love Amazon and I bet you do too, we rounded up our favorite throw pillows that you can buy on Amazon!

The best throw pillows to buy on Amazon!

1. Dream Catcher Pillow Cover with zipper | 2. Cable Knit Sweater Pillow (comes in tons of colors!) | 3. Silent Night, Holy Night Pillow

The best throw pillows to buy on Amazon!

4. Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow | 5. Elephant with glasses pillow (tons of animals to choose from!) |6. Vintage Compass Pillow

The best throw pillows to buy on Amazon!

7. Scottish Tartan Plaid Pillow  | 8. Gorgeous Oil Painting Pillow (looks like an oil painting, but it’s a print!) | 9. Pink Ombre LOVE pillow


10. Deer Linen Pillow | 11. Color Swatch Pillow | 12. Triangle Up Pillow


13. Compass Pillow | 14. Blue Map Pillow | 15. Feather Pillow

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  1. Gorgeous pillows! I am in love with these pillows! Luxury throw pillows for sofas make such a difference in the look of a room without adding too much expense. It’s probably my favorite accessory and I can’t seem to stop buying them.

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