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Lemon Almond Bundt Cake

Lemon Almond Bundt Cake
Woohoo, our first bundt cake! Ryan’s family gave me a bundt pan for my birthday, uh which was back in July, and I am finally getting the recipe up for you guys! A lot of the desserts I make I send with Ryan to work. He’s working on getting his Ph.D and spends many hours in the lab, and so do his lab-mates, so they can always use a treat.

Lemon Almond Bundt Cake
My favorite part about bundt cakes are frosting/glazing them. I like how the glaze fills in and follows the grooves. But getting the right consistency of glaze can take a few tries. Always, always, always add a little liquid (if could be lemon juice or milk, etc) – you can always add more liquid, but it takes a lot of powdered sugar to fix a soupy mess.

Lemon Almond Bundt Cake

Since getting a bundt pan, I created a board on pinterest just for bundts- so their will definitely be more to come!

Lemon Almond Bundt Cake
I kept my bundt cake in the fridge to keep the glaze from running. It’s probably not the best looking bundt cake since it’s so short, but Ryan and his coworkers didn’t mind.

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  1. This looks GORGEOUS. How did you manage to eat it when it looks so pretty? It must be darn delicious!

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  3. Love your new photo!

  4. Mmm this cake looks delicious I love lemon cakes, so refreshing. And the frosting on this one? Yum!

  5. That looks fantastic. The glaze in particular! My latest installment of A Little About Diana is up and I’ve nominated you for the Leibster Award.

  6. Oh those two words are music to my ears and stomach. I LOVE anything lemon and almond and then put them together in a bundt cake? Yum! Visiting from TGIF Link Party and following you via Bloglovin’!

  7. You know Beth, I bought a Bundt cake pan about two years ago and was so excited! It is still in the cupboard! Lol! So, you got around to using yours much faster than I have! I think this cake looks delicious. Who cares if it isn’t that tall…I’m sure that didn’t affect the taste!

  8. Almond and lemon sounds lovely. Visiting from Marvellous Monday’s.

  9. Beth, this looks so pretty! I love lemon in anything and that bundt pan just makes it look so special :) What a great first bundt!

  10. Stopping by from Restoration Redoux. Lemon and almond are my two faves, your cake looks scrumptious, I’m pinning for later~ Amy

  11. Lemon and almond, this sounds so good.

  12. Hi! I stopped in from The Girl Creative! Love your photos of the bundt cake. Mmmm… looks delicious! ~M.


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  14. MmmMm – looks so delicious. I love the way the icing is dripping. Thanks for linking up at Take it on Tuesday!

  15. Hi Beth :) Just stopping by to let you know that I will be featuring this at tomorrow’s All My Bloggy Friends :) Thanks so much for linking up!

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  17. That looks yummy, but now I want cake lol.

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