DIY Christmas Ornaments

DIY Christmas Ornaments
Homemade ornaments make great keepsakes. I’m excited to add these to our collection of ornaments, and maybe you will too!
Supplies: Clothes pegs (found at Michaels, Walmart, etc), paint (red, white, black, orange, yellow), felt (red, white, black – very cheap at Michaels), one cotton ball, twine, string, hot glue gun, toothpicks

DIY Christmas Ornaments
Paint all but the round part of the clothes peg red, the round part will be Santa’s face. Once dry, paint on black shoes and a black belt using a toothpick. Add a yellow belt buckle. Make beard out of felt and glue on. Make hat out of felt (cone shape) and glue on. Use some of the cotton ball to add fluff to Santa’s hat and glue. Add black eyes. Don’t forget to glue your hanging string on the back.

DIY Christmas Ornaments
Paint the entire clothes peg white and let dry completely. Use toothpick to add black buttons, mouth, and eyes. Use another toothpick to add orange carrot nose. Cut long red felt strip to use for frosty’s scarf and secure with glue. For frosty’s top hat cut out a square from the black felt, that will be the brim of his hat. Next cut out a long rectangle from the black felt and roll it up and secure with glue. Glue the square onto frosty’s head and glue the top of the hat onto that. Attach your hanging string on the back.

DIY Christmas Ornaments
This one was easier, no painting involved! Take 2 plain clothes pegs and glue together, having one shorter than the other (Mary and Joseph). Cut (break, chop, or file) a clothes peg to make Baby Jesus (that was the toughest part for me). Tie a bow around Jesus’ neck using twine. Glue Jesus onto Mary and Joseph. Attach twine as a hanging string in the back.

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    These are my absolute favorite ornaments at home! My grandmother used to make them and we have all different people represented. I should use this to make some of my own!
    With Luck

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    These are so adorable! I love handmade ornaments for Christmas! it really brings things the senses of family and tradition together. Thank You for sharing. I came over to visit you via Foodie Friends Friday

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    These ornaments are so cute and easy to make. We love making ornaments and I will definitely bookmark and pin this so we will remember to make them this Christmas. Thanks so much for sharing this with Foodie Friends Friday Christmas in July.

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